Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Sterotype about China(This title was made in China -.-)

When you write about China always be sure to talk about how it is the biggest exporter in the world and everything is made in China. Also be sure to talk about the super smart and disiplined children of China. Always include that China is an overpopulated country and people spit on the street all of the time. (you never know when you are stepping on it.) Include pollution that Chinese factories make and all the child labourers that work there. Another thing to add is all the bizzare and unusual food that Chinese people eat.(Dog, cat, pigeon, frog, snake,etc.). Also mention all that kung-fu and martial arts stuff that Chinese people do, make sure to point out the monks that can break iron strips with their heads. Another thing to talk about is the fake contraband they sell fake stuff everywhere. Finally, talk about the one-child policy rule and pandas and how China is failling protecting pandas in some areas.

This is a sterotype, so this is not serious so please do not take it seriously!

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