Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Is Blogging Good or Bad

Blogging is a positive way off telling people what you think about something, but it  can be negative when people insult your post and dislike it. In other words it is like posting something that is really nice an good and expect it to get a few positive comments about your piece of writing but, in result everybody says it sucks and it is not what you expected it to be everybody disliked it and you then never make another post again. So say someone post story that he made on his blog expecting good feedback but instead everybody says it sucks there is no good story line and the person is afraid to post something ever again. Sometimes when you post something you don't know how people will react so it is sometimes like taking a gamble if you are right or wrong, here is another example. You post something and same as the first one expect some feed back don't actually get any comments/ feed back thats when you relise that nobody is bothered to read your paragraph and know you are afraid to post something. I don't think blogging is a bad thing but its just when nobody comments or likes or give bad and insulting feedback is when people stop you from post things.

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  1. You make a very interesting point about feedback and how it encourages or demoralizes how and what we write. I am curious though, how long a person who is trying to connect with an audience would go without any feedback.

    Sure a random post here and there will not get much attention, but what about a person who made it a mission to write regularly?

    But the bigger question is does it matter? This feedback? This audience?

    Got me thinking. Thanks.