Tuesday, 6 November 2012

POV Final Daniel

My Perspective
Skiing in New Zealand, my family and I arrive at the South island of New Zealand. Snow was falling down From the Sky like little floating butterflies. As people wearing winter Then we pick up a car from the car rental. We start our journey to the ski fields, about 6 hours away. It took 6 hours and by the time we drove 5 hours me and my family saw the beautiful wildlife and amazing sceneries. Finally we got to where we were going to stay for the holiday.

The ski fields were crowded with skiers and snowboarders, either going solo, In a family Group or Guided by skiing instructors. when me and my family went on the ski-lift me and my brother would drop snow off, that we got onto our skis whenever there was a person below,After an hour of skiing we decided to take a break at a cafe on the mountain. It was really cold and I  needed something to warm up. I ordered a hot chocolate with cream it was steaming hot  I felt the warm air rush to my face. The hot chocolate was very good and refreshing. After this little break we went back skiing.

Brothers View:
Finally the plane landed, I have been playing games on the plane for ages and couldn’t sleep. As we head to the car rental I almost was about to sleep standing. As I got in I got onto one of the seats and fell asleep. I woke up when we got to our first toilet break at a petrol station, where we bought snacks. As we continued our ride, the sceneries got better and better. Finally we got to the house we were staying at. It belonged to a friend who went on vacation and said the we could stay there for a while. My big brother Daniel complaining about it being too hot in the car.

Today was our first day skiing, it was kind of boring on because our parents were still getting the feel of it. Daniel wanted to chose a route that challenge mum and dad. But as usual, they took some the most boring routes ever. After this we went back to we started at the main skylift area. We first went to the cafe to get a hot drinks, a break.  The Hot chocolate was nice but it was hilarious when Daniel drank his he had a cream moustache. There were little children playing around throwing snowballs at each other.

But, before i could join in, Daniel claimed that we should continue skiing.

Watriss Perspective

Today was a normal day taking in orders and serving food and Drinks. There was a particular family that amused me. Their siblings brother and brother both made themselves mustaches out of their cream on their hot chocolate. There was a group of annoying kids throwing snowballs at each other making a huge mess at the tables. I had to clean it all up.

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